Stock Trading Lessons

I played with the stock market for about 2 years while I was in USA. I learned a number of lessons while trading stocks. I've captured them here for the benefit of new people who are entering stock market :)

  1. Don't Bottom Pick Stocks
  2. Investment - Stocks or Mutual Funds?
  3. Buy on the rumor, Sell on the news
  4. Stock Analysts are JOKERS
  5. Can we really make money in stocks?
  6. Cash is Trash or Cash is King ?!
  7. What goes up, comes down & What comes down, goes up
  8. Do you have a diversified portfolio?
  9. Buy/Sell Stocks in increments
  10. Are you a trader (or) investor?
  11. Stocks may not be the right "investment" for everyone
  12. Don't wanna fail? Stock market is not your playground
  13. No Risk No Reward
  14. Do you look for stock trends?
  15. Let the tools work for you in trading stocks
  16. Stock Investors are weird !
  17. Are you a short term investor? Don't ever blink !
  18. Make informed and not sentimental decisions
  19. Economy is a juggernaut
  20. Make hay when the sun shines
  21. 52-week low doesn't mean a BUY
  22. The journey started - Bought NTGR stocks
  23. I joined the world of volatility

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