Monday, May 17, 2010

First R2I Anniversary - The Journey continues ...

We just celebrated our first year R2I anniversary. It feels like just waving final good bye to US. But, the clock moved very fast to ring the anniversary bells. It is a significant mile stone in my life.

When I decided to R2I last year, I wasn't sure if my decision would withstand the tsunamis from day to day life in India. But, my R2I journey is standing tall and strong like a light house.

What do I miss the most? The first thing that pops out of my mind ... is my friends. Almost all my friends are in US and I miss their company. The regular get togethers, the potlucks, the birthday parties, the joint outings ... I miss them all. A quick call to a friend to ask "Hey! Did you file your tax returns? How did you do it?"... "How do I apply for my kid's passport?"... There are not many friends around, to ask such questions. 

What do I enjoy the most? The liveliness of India. Take a short walk outside your home and you'll meet at least 10 people that you know. They may not necessarily be your friends. But, they all wish you "Good morning!" or at least say a "Hi!" to you. India is filled with people. Parks, beaches, railway stations, tourist spots... there is people everywhere & I love it.

My wife and daughter are enjoying it too. My wife gets to meet her parents often, she gets household help from maids, she can do all her shopping in just a few minutes of walk (instead of having to drive miles). She is loving it. My daughter enjoys the company of my parents and their pampering. In fact, my daughter got adapted to the new life, faster than we had thought. (Also read: 100 reasons to R2I)

The last one year changed our life significantly and we picked up new skills along the way. We learned to navigate through the day to day problems. We learned to negotiate with people in India (though we haven't mastered it yet!). And more importantly, we learned to live without a car. (Also read: Driving on Indian roads - Pleasure or Pain?)

The last one year has made us stronger, wiser and super motivated to continue our R2I journey. We are deep into the woods now and there is no looking back. Definitely, there are miles to go... but, our batteries are charged with enthusiasm to take us through the rest of the journey.

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